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We are greatly heartened by guitarists across all borders, languages and cultures, who took time to write to us about our guitar picks. It is a great privilege and honour to serve you through Awe-In-One. Indeed, the world of music has no strangers.



The Australian Guitar Magazine

" If you can't find a material and thickness here that you like, you are either too choosy or not looking hard enough... Profound I is the stickiest small plectrum I have ever used. I don't think I have dropped it once while playing. "

Guitar Review by Craig White - The Australian Guitar Magazine Aug 2007

Subject: the best pick EVER!
…..When I got the pick, I loved the mould so much I couldn't put it down. I even had to bring it to the shops because it felt odd if I wasn't holding the pick. And the grip is great! I only dropped the pick when I accidentally let go of it during a song. I am not going to use another pick ever again!!! And the harmonics and string pops are exactly what I was looking for in lead playing. Thanks for inventing it,

Chris Travaglini, Satisfied User, Perth, Australia

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Dear Awe-in-one
I am a guitar maker and I also do a bit of playing (on my own guitars of course). I have been developing a kind of finger picking style that I first saw Jimmie Vaughan use and it has been a good and natural way for me to make progress, playing the songs I wanted to play. I had tried using plectrums in the past, but found them awkward; and they seem to prefer the company of the floor more that my thumb and fingers. My style though was becoming limited, then I tried your blue and grey plectrums, I have to say I have not dropped one yet, they seem to just stay there. These plectrums are also very comfortable and my technique is improving rapidly. I now have a much more flowing lead and funky rhythms, plus I can use both the plectrum and my fingers. I have to say I am extremely happy with the awe-in-one plectrums, especially the hard grey model. Every time I put my guitar on and grab your plectrum, a big smile covers my face. Thank you. ( I just wish it was black ? they look cool.)

Gary Rizzolo, Guitar Builder, Tasmania, Australia

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The easy grip and areas of different thickness provide a reliable way of varying tone quality from phrase to phrase. There may be other picks around that try to do this but none succeed as well as ‘awe-in-one’”.

Mr. Hamish Dyson, Jazz Guitar Teacher, Australia

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I received your picks today in the mail in good condition. They will be added this weekend to the website I´ve tried them myself and, it takes a little time to get used to all the possibilities of the pick but once you get the hang of it´, the pick works great Thanx for everything and greetings from Belgium

Johnny from the Twister Studio, Belgium

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Thank you for your samples ! I been playing with your Awe-In One picks for some days now , and i must say that i really like them very much ! The more i play , the more i like them... Did show them for some of my friends too, and they also like the idea about your picks.

Matts Malmstrom – in the Finnish Guitar Business

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In French: «Je reste à ta disposition pour une éventuelle proposition de travaille comme guitariste démonstrateur dans un salon de musique. Je joue avec tes plectres régulièrement et je les aime beaucoup. Meilleures salutations

Literal translation in English: “I remain at your disposal for a possible proposal of works as guitarist demonstrator in a show of music. I play with your plectrums regularly and I like them very much. Better greetings ”

Mr. Laurent Naef, French Guitar Artiste

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I met you at Frankfurt MusikMesse and bought two of these wonderful Picks (one in yellow and one in orange). I´m very satisfied with them. Do you have dealers in Germany, where I can buy more? Thanks for answering my question.

Mr. Paul Montz, MusikMesse Customer at Frankfurt

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“I checked samples and really good….”

Mr Y Shirakuma, Head of AllParts Japan, Guitar Parts Specialist

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......I've been using Awe-In-One guitar picks for the past 2 yrs and they have become an indispensable part of my playing. Its innovative design and grip means that every note rings clear and I never have to worry about dropping my pick in the middle of a show.

The coolest thing about the Awe-In-One picks, is that it's.......from our neighbours across the Causeway, Singapore !!! Talk about Asian Pride... support Asian!!!

I'm in no way sponsored by the company, just thought I'd share the benefits of this great product to other guitarists/bassists out there.......

JD, Lead Guitarist of Rap Rock Band, Pop Shuvit -Nominee of MTV Asia Award 2008

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The Star Newspaper

440Hz News - Complete Solution: It’s hard to find a selection of plectrums that caters to every playing style, but Awe-In-One’s pack of six seems to have solved this problem in style.

Guitar Review Editor – The Star Newspaper

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New Zealand

Got my first pack of these from you guys a few weeks back. The best pick i've ever played!

Mr Dave Kempton, Wellington, NZ

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These picks are highly responsive and super comfortable! I am an AIO convert the moment I tried it. The multiple sides provided me with all the different dynamics I need throughout. Definitely recommended!

Mr Dhalif Ali, Awesome Guitarist, Exotherma

This is certainly one of the best invention since sliced bread. Now I can bravely churn out those fast licks without fear of the pick falling off during a performance. Congratulations John, your AWE-IN-ONE roxx!

Mr Henry Chua, member of Singapore's greatest pop group
of the Sixties, The Quests  

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It was great to meet you and try out your brilliant plectrums, I’m a user of many picks and these are great! AIO was what I was looking for combining lead, acoustic strumming and the sharkfin edge for U2 styles.

Mr Randolf Arriola, musician and music producer, Embryo Songs

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…….. it really helps with my arthritis and I have discarded all those (other picks) which I was using previously.…

Mr Freddie Kang, member of Singapore’s legendary band, Thunderbirds.

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I would say it is the best pick I've come across in the few picks that I've used; I normally don't use guitar picks. Some are really much too hard and stiff that I would rather not use. But not this pick, even the stiffest side is nicely playable. I find that it is much louder for my strumming [nylon guitars] for children's church song leading because I do not like to use the steel stringed guitar.

Mr. Joel Loh, IT Consultant and Music Enthusiast

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I just got the Awe in one in my mailbox today!! I got one word..DAMN!!!! > best plectrums I’ve ever tried!!! they are just beyond perfect!!! i will > easily do business with you again..soon!!

Jokke X – Swedish Rocker

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United Kingdom

Just wanted to drop you a quick line to say thanks for the Awe-in-one pick, I literally couldn't believe my ears the first time I used it. I've been playing for about a year so can't claim to be an expert on muted harmonics or string popping, but I can strum and the additional amplification, brightness of tone, etc. I got out of my acoustic was nothing less than superb. In fact, I liked it so much I bought ........ a fiver's worth of various gauges to mess about with.

Letter to Editor of Guitar Buyer Magazine, UK

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Hi guys... listen man - I just got hold of one of your picks from a friend of mine and I am just dropping you a line to say that it really is a revelation (i don’t use that term lightly) - I'm an coustic player and I can get about 20 different sounds out of the damn thing just by changing the angles, edges and the attack.. my Martin is singing like a bird.. from chiming chords to ripping leads and bends.. and all things in between.. as you can tell I am pretty excited .. I have used it to put down some rhythm on a new track with the band (using the wavy edge bit this time) and its really cuts through the mix without being too much - I haven’t even had to EQ the track I laid down.. its just gone straight on and I'm loving it.. I'll never go back.. thanks. By the way I don’t really know where I can get anymore of these (haven’t seen them in the shops) so I'll be guarding pretty closely at the gig tomorrow……. Sincere thanks for your great product …..sincerely yours….

Jim Beckett – Band Member of No Denials (Rock Group)
Cleveland, England

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Hi John, Just a short note to say how impressed with your picks, quite a revelation. I bought one of each to try them out. Found the green suited me best for acoustic and the pink (medium folk) best for jazz melody (still prefer my thumb for comping!) Thanks for bringing it to market and good luck, you deserve it.

Anthony Waller from UK

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I use the yellow Awe-In-One Folk picks all of the time (except when I finger-pick) I absolutely love those picks! I really like the way they make the guitar sound. People ask me about those picks all of the time. I hope MM (name of music shop) in Mesa will carry them eventually.......I know other guitarists would love these picks, too.

Rhonda Lester, Singer & Acoustic Guitarist, Mesa, Arizona, USA

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Hello, I've been playing with some samples of your picks that I acquired at NAMM in Anahiem last year. I absolutely love them and would like to order a bunch of them (I am getting tired of calling all of my fellow musicians who keep trying to retain the two that I have).

E Meyers, NAMM visitor, NY, USA

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Yes, and I've been trying it out the past few days. I like the versatility. Very comfortable to grip and hang on to. My personal preference is for a heavier pick, so I hope you have that option available (yes, we have) . By the way, as a lefty I had absolutely no problem in adapting it and feeling comfortable right away!
Kevin Pelletier
(left-handed guitar player) from New Mexico, USA

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.(on the Profound Series) By rotating the intended playing tip 45 degrees towards my body, I now have the upper left tip exposed as the playing tip. It works hyper fast. I immediately, with no adjustment period, fly around the strings with lightning leads…

J Macey, ‘pick connoisseur’ (holds picks with a thumb and 2 fingers) Long Beach, California

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