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1) I'm interested in retailing and distributing Awe-In-One. How do I start ?

You are most welcome! Just email us at and we will do the rest.

2) More than 6 playing edges? How is that so? I only see 3 corners and at most, 1 more, which is the scallop edge.

Besides the 3 edges seen from the front, flip it and you can use another 3 different edges which offer different feel and dynamics. For example, flipping over and placing your index finger on the recess instead of the thumb, your hybrid picking is more effective because the pick sort of curls inward to complement your picking fingers. Besides hybrid picking, players also find it a very comfortable holding position when playing long hours standing up. In another example, one side of the scallop edge gives you a scratchy sound whereas its flip side gives you a clean sound. The same applies to the heavy edge. Another bonus is the string-tugging edge you see in the diagram below. Whether you are right or left handed,you cannot get these dynamics from any flat picks in the market.

3) How are the Folk Debut & Power and Rock Vibes & Licks different from each other?

Each series has a different thickness, and of course, each pick has a different thickness at its 3 corners. The following chart will help to illustrate this further:

Different grades of nylon and acetyl polymer (celluloid quality) are selected to produce the various tensions within each Series. This means that you can crossover to many playing styles -from riffs to leads - without having to change picks. You may wish to refer to our Product page to understand what each pick type can do for you.

4) Why are some edges more pointed than regular picks?

A more focused point adds more precision and speed to your picking. In the case of AIO, your thumb or finger comfortably rests on the patented indent and you get a relaxed, but firm, cling-on grip for that swift dancing movement across the strings. A blunt edge would be less precise and agile especially for lead picking.

If for certain reasons you missed the blunt edge, you can either file the tip with a nail file, or rub it against a rough surface. Thereafter, polish it to a shine by rubbing it on a smooth and hard surface. It takes less than a minute (as demonstrated before in our exhibitions) to have your pick personalised this way. With AIO, you can now decide which edge to round up, and which to remain, to suit your mood and playing style.

5) You said that using the flip side of a playing edge gives a different tension – eg., the medium edge becomes heavier on the other side - doesn’t this contradict alternate picking methods which uses consecutive up-down strokes across the strings?

The different tension choices are actually achieved from the natural holding positions of the thumb and forefinger respectively on the step recess and grip area. For example, if you hold the step recess with your thumb, the thumb is further away from the playing edge, hence the effect is a softer string engagement. However, if you flip it around and hold the grip surface with the thumb, the thumb is ‘forced’ to hold nearer to the playing edge, and this results in a heavier attack. All this happens naturally. With this patented distinction, Awe-In-One offers you a unique leverage dynamics not found in flat picks. Hold an Awe-In-One today, and you will appreciate the difference.

6) What is the best way to hold the Awe-In-One pick?

In the same way as how professionals usually hold their picks, simply place the ball of your thumb on the pick indent or the rough surface at the reverse side. The rest of the holding positions will come naturally. With the indent, you no longer have to worry about your fingers straying off-position. A first-time user will start enjoying Awe-In-One within the first hour of playing. Do verify this from the many testimonials and reviews we received todate.



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