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What is AIO?

Awe-In-One® is the latest technological innovation in guitar picks – also called guitar plectrums - that are ergonomically designed for excellent grip, control and speed. They come in different sizes, and the largest is no bigger in area size than regular picks.

Our Folk and Rock Series, for instance, have more than 6 playing edges and tensions within a single pick. Guitarists no longer need to change picks during performance to get the desired feel and sound. From now on, switching from thin to medium or medium thin, or medium to heavy or extra heavy, is only a flip or turn away.

Awe-In-One guitar picks can be used on all types of guitars. From relaxed strumming to high-energy solos on nylon strings or electric guitars, it simply produces clearer and brighter sounds. When Awe-In-One is used at a certain angle, the user can either create unusual harmonics or popping string-tugging sound effects.

You no longer have to worry about your fingers straying off-position. With the patented indent, your fingers always remain in position.

Don’t take our word for it, check out our Products and Testimonials pages to see how Awe-In-One can add a new dimension to your guitar skills.

Patent protection
Novelty features, consisting of 21 claims, were approved by WIPO under patent number SG92069, and subsequently US7067729 along with several other countries.

We welcome distribution, retail or licensing arrangement requests from any country
We are always open to such discussions via letter, fax or email enquiry@awe-in-one.com to our business address listed below.

Quality Assurance
Awe-In-One is made of high quality durable plastic materials. Stringent standards are in place to ensure quality performance. If you are not satisfied with Awe-In-One, 7 days upon goods receipt, just mail them back to us and we'll arrange for an immediate refund - no question asked.

Our business philosophy is simple -
" Sharing the joy of guitar playing with everyone."

Our Registered Business Address and Contact are as follows:
Awe-In-One Enterprise
144 Tai Keng Gardens
Singapore 535424

Tel / Fax : +65 66987123 or +65 96302441

Email: enquiry@awe-in-one.com

Web: www.awe-in-one.com

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