The guitar picks that turned our advertisements into statements
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Source: Aug 2007 Review by the Australian Guitar Magazine

" If you can't find a material and thickness here that you like, you are either too choosy or not looking hard enough... Profound I is the stickiest small plectrum I have ever used. I don't think I have dropped it once while playing. "

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Source: Mar 2006 Review by Maury's Music, U.S.A.

"I never used to think about picks at all.  Now I almost feel funny speaking so highly of a guitar pick, but these things are really great."

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Source: 13 Jan 2005 Review on Profound I by The Star, Malaysia

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Picking party

GUITAR players are a picky bunch and they’re known to fuss over every single thing – the colour of their guitar, the amp used, strings and even plectrums. Yes, plectrums! Darn it, you would’ve thought all that mattered was the thickness (see what we mean), but no siree, there are plectrums these days that cater to particular musical styles.

PICKY, PICKY: But you can afford to be, especially with the Awe-In-One Profound I plectrums.

You would’ve noticed Awe-In-One’s folk series of plectrums on these pages not too long back, but now the company is reaching out to players who are jacks of all trades. Yup, the Profound I series – coloured light purple, dark purple and white – coming in a set of three, features Hard, Extra Hard and Ultra Hard picks. The light purple is slightly flexible, the dark purple is quite stiff, and the white is rock hard.

Numerous features are packed into the Profound series – you’re entitled to lightning quick licks, gentle strums, warm or fat tones and string pops. These little fellas also allow you to enjoy closer thumb contact for clearer harmonics, unequalled grip and a hanging-on comfort that is only found in these picks.

Hold the Profound I any way you want, and every different holding position will intrigue you. That’s what you get with multiple playing edges, and that’s the truth. Call The Guitar Store (Tel: 03-9133 2822 / 2300 2822) for details.

Source: Click to view The Star web page.

Source: 18 Mar 2004 Review on Folk & Rock Series by The Star, Malaysia